Moodle Configuration

You have to configure your Moodle account to use MooWoodle. Making changes to your Moodle account will make it easier for Moodle to exchange data with WordPress. Once the data exchange process is complete, you will be able to view your Moodle courses on your WordPress Page. Thus making it easier to sell.

Enable Web Service

As mentioned previously in this document, the configuration of Moodle is required to exchange data with WordPress. By enabling the web service you can now add functions that will allow Moodle to communicate with WordPress.

Since Moodle has Web Services disabled by default, we will have to enable it. The steps to enable Moodle Web Service are – 

  • Go to the Moodle Dashboard and then navigate to Site Administration.
  • On the Site Administration page present in the Development Section is the Advanced Features option. Click on the advanced features option
  • As the Advanced Features page loads, scroll down and tick the Web Service option.
  • Save your changes and proceed to External Services Settings. 
Reference Enable Web Service

External Service Setting  #

Configuration of the External service means adding functions to Moodle that make open the communication channels to WordPress. This will make it easier for you to transfer course data.

Add External Service  #

To start the configuration of the external service let us take a look at the steps given below – 

  • Go to the Site Administration option of your Moodle Dashboard. Once there select the Server Tab
  • Scroll down the Server Tab and select External Services found beside the Web Service section. 
  • Once you have selected the External service option you will be directed to the External Service Page. On the External service page, go to the Custom Services section.
  • To add an external service select the Add button available under Custom Services section. Once you have selected the Add button you will be asked to provide a name for the service. Name your service as ‘MooWoodle” for convenience and select  Add Service
  • After you added the Service add the Functions. To do this simply return to the external service page click the Function button of your MooWoodle Service. You will notice you are being directed to the Functions page.
  • On the Function page, select the add option and copy-paste the codes given below – 
1core_user_create_usersThis code will help in creating users
2core_user_get_usersUsing this code the client can search for users meeting the parameters
3core_user_update_usersWith the help of this code, the client can update his/her users
4core_course_get_coursesClients can get courses by adding this course 
5core_course_get_categoriesCourse categories will be available once this code is added
6enrol_manual_enrol_userThis code is required to enrol new users.
7core_user_delete_usersDelete users.
8core_course_get_courses_by_fieldThis code is required to enroll new users.
9enrol_manual_unenrol_usersManual unenrol users
  • Once all Functions are added return to the Site administration page. 

Manage Protocol #

Managing Protocols links one website to another. In this case, we just need to enable the REST protocol. Requirements for easily completing this process is given below.

To enable REST protocol 

  • Go to Site Administration and then navigate to the Server tab.
  • Under the Server tab, you will find the Web Services option. Select Manage Protocols from the List of Web Services.
  • On the Manage Protocols page, click on the eye icon. Once selected, the REST protocol will be activated.
Reference : Manage Protocols

Access Token #

We are sure you remember how we promised to teach you how to generate the Access Token Required for your MooWoodle Settings. To do so all you have to do is – 

  • Go to Site Administration and then navigate to the Server tab.
  • Under the Server tab, you will find the Web Services option. From the list of web services select the Manage Tokens option. 
  • On the Manage Tokens page select Create Token. Once selected you will be directed to the Create Token page.
  • In the Create Token Page add the following option –
    • User – This refers to the person managing the Moodle. In this case, selected Admin user. 
    • Service – the service implies the external service added by you. In our case, it is the MooWoodle we had added previously. 
    • IP restriction – You can add an IP restriction if required or leave it blank. It is not mandatory and you can happily skip this option.
    • Valid Date – Enable and add the Date till which your courses would be available. In case you plan to make it available at all times skip this option. 
  • Once all required information is added select Save changes. After you have saved your changes you will be re-directed to the Manage Tokens page. 
  • In the Manage Tokens Page, the Token Code will be displayed. Copy this code and paste it to your MooWoodle Setting available on WordPress. 
Reference : Generate Access Token

Manage Mobile Settings  #

To give access to mobile users intending to purchase your courses, to will have to configure the mobile setting. This setting is easy to configure and will hardly take five seconds. 

To enable web services for mobile devices on the Moodle site, you have to –

  • Go to the Moodle Dashboard and select the Site administration option.
  • Once the Site Administration option is selected, go to the Mobile app section and select Mobile Settings 
  • Select Save Changes to complete the settings.
Reference 10: Mobile Settings

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