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DualCube’s share of contributions to the Moodlers

Custom Moodle Themes

We have created many moodle-based themes with widely appreciated designs and useful features that suit all your design needs. And we are proud to be one of the most loved theme creators!.

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Custom Moodle Plugins

Over the past 10 years of our existence, Dualcube has created a number of custom Moodle plugins aimed at filling in the gap of necessary, albeit unavailable, products in the market. Our plugins present en masse solution to largely common problems Moodlers face.

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Dualcube is an outstanding partner in the development of sophisticated interactive learning and training projects. From talented multimedia developers to responsive and professional project managers, they are prepared to deliver the online course and materials that engage and prepare learners for success. Dualcube has taken our CMS/LMS offerings to a new, more sophisticated level by focusing on connecting the user experience with custom designs and original features that allow our users to have a seamless experience. We’ve currently expanded the type of work that Dualcube does for us by having them create rich multimedia environments that can be presented through our Moodle portal. Ultimately, Dualcube delivers what we need in a way that ensures our learners not just accomplish developing new skills, but they enjoy their training.
MICHAEL CONNET, Senior Director Outreach And Partner Development, Association For Career And Technical Education
One of the best. Can’t say enough about the quality of work that this team provides. We will continue to work with them.
CHRIS HANSON, Creative Director At Barbells For Boobs

DualCube is a pleasure to work with. We have worked together on several projects together, and they are quick to accommodate and make sure the the project is running smooth. They work well with deadlines, in budget, and work to exceed expectations. I highly recommend DualCube.

ROB THOMPSON, CIO At Infoswell Media, Inc.
A great, professional team to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable and go the extra mile to answer requests, even tedious ones. I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat. A pleasure to work with!
ROULA GHALAYINI, Founder And Creative Director Of Rula Galayini
Have done many projects with DualCube. The reason I’ve done many projects is that they do a great job. More than that, they are trustworthy. I’ve developed a nice little relationship with them, and I really enjoy all of our interactions. Great people. It’s a breath of fresh air.
STEPHEN JOHNSTON, MD, MBA, Elite Medical Experts, LLC
We have done multiple projects with DualCube. They’re the best with WordPress and WooCommerce. We’ll use them again and would highly recommend them.
DAVID AVGIKOS, President At Digimation

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