This plugin should be installed on your Moodle site after installing MooWoodle plugin that is available on WordPress: MooWoodle WordPress


Moodle site set up:

Create and setup webservice:
1. Administration > Site administration > Advanced features > Enable webservice > Save changes.

  1. Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Manage protocols > Enable REST protocol.
  2. Administration > Site administration > Plugins > External services > Add > Give a Name and chack Enabled > Add service > Add functions > Add the following functions to your webservice:
    i. core_user_create_users: Create users
    ii. core_user_get_users: Search for users matching the parameters
    iii. core_user_update_users: Update users
    iv. core_course_get_courses: Return course details
    v. core_course_get_categories: Return category details
    vi. enrol_manual_enrol_users: Manual enrol users
  3. Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Manage tokens > Add > Select user (Admin) from users\’ list > Select your service form services\’ list > Save changes.

Disable password policy:
The password policy settings needed to be disabled since the user password will be generated in WordPress end and will not match the password policy of Moodle. The steps to disable password policy are given below.

  1. Administration > Site administration > Security > Site policies > Uncheck Password policy > Do not forget to save changes.