And once again WooCommerce is here with its latest and, of course, greatest version – v2.3. This time too, the plugin introduced extremely smart changes to instantly grab every Woo lover’s interest. Per the official blog, this version, aka Handsome Hippo, was in active development for the last 5 months.

This time, a lot has been done to upgrade the overall look and feel of the plugin – more attention has been paid to the UI, both for the front and the backend. While most of these enhancements are minor, the introduction of a really cool feature is now the talk of the Woo town!

Geolocation & Tax Display

To simplify customer experience, the geniuses at WooThemes have introduced Geolocation technology to WooCommerce 2.3. This is also going to change the way taxes are displayed to buyers on the front end.

Now, you can track the location of or Geolocate your customers when they visit your site. The taxes, to be paid by them, will be calculated automatically when they fill out their postal addresses in the checkout. That, really impressed us!

Other than Geolocation and tax display features, WooCommerce 2.3 also witnessed some minute, but interesting usability enhancements worth mentioning –

Design Changes

WooCommerce 2.3 has a simple and ‘flat’ design especially meant for themes that don’t support WooCommerce. You should also have a look at the email design which got a facelift.

Cart and Checkout


With the new version of WooCommerce, you can delete products from the cart through the cart widget. You’ll also notice a new ‘Undo’ option at the time of removing products from the cart. The ‘Proceed to Checkout’ also received an overhaul and has been moved to a more accessible location.

Button Look                                                                                                                Blue_Shell_Shirt_-_Your_Business_Website

This is so far the most noticeable improvement in WooCommerce 2.3. The new button design is simple, yet at par with the modern standards of the web world. In case you are using a theme that supports WooCommerce but no button styling options, buttons will inherit the new version’s (v 2.3) design after the upgrade.

In Handsome Hippo, you are not going see certain inbuilt features present in WooCommerce till v2.2.

The quantity increment button, displayed as (+/-), has been replaced with an ‘input type’ box. Style settings, like selecting preferred button colors, have been removed as well. But you are advised read proper documentation regarding this, as this modification may affect the design and overall look of certain websites that run on third-party themes or specific themes that do not support button style changes.

However, all these can be incorporated in an existing WooCommerce store using
WooCommerce Colors plugin and WooCommerce Quantity Increment plugin to retain the button stylings in your setup before the upgrade.

If you are using custom styled buttons of the current version (v2.2), WooCommerce colors plugin will inherit the previous settings as you upgrade to WooCommerce 2.3.

Other changes for developers

Before you upgrade

Have a word with your developer and check if anything will be affected once you upgrade to WooCommerce 2.3. Certain things may break or become dysfunctional owing to an upgrade; so, don’t forget to contact the developer/ team that worked on your store. Once they approve it, you should be able to click the upgrade button.