We all fear to take decision. Don’t we? We hesitate. We procrastinate. And later in a rush, we take the hasty one.

We at The DualCube have witnessed the power of decision when we talk with our e-learning clients. It’s one such sector where every decision counts. The learning management software, the method of course, the infrastructure of website- the clients need to think about all.

Facing the pressure, they often overlook the basic deciding factor. Without deciding the “Approach of learning”, they aimlessly run after the website platform and marketing strategy. In result, they have to be satisfied with less number of visitors.

Now, the question is “What’s the best learning approach for e-learning?” From our experience, we can say- “Learner-based approach is best for a successful e-learning website.” What makes us to claim so? Below are the reasons…

What is Learner-Centered approach of education? No jargon from us for you. Student-centered education is based around the learners or students, unlike the traditioanl learning where the teachers determine and control the lesson intake.

1. Students Control their Lesson:- Here, learners are kept in the middle of their courses. They enjoy the ultimate supremacy and consume content as per their will. A learner-based e-learning website is not a teacher or instructor but a facilitator providing the learners all self-teaching and self-learning choices. They can introduce themselves with new lesson, acquire the important knowledge, develop their skills, track and analyze their success or setbacks.

2. Students are Independent Learners:- Here is a question for you- Given you a chance, which business class will you select? One that pressurize you with loads of course content or that provides a comfortable environment for free learning? Modern educators give high scores to free learning. When students are the master of their own learning, they become independent learners. Independent learners can imply their thoughts and skill beyond a set of syllabus. They are the caretaker of their lesson intake. Benefits are plenty-

  • Increased motivation and confidence;
  • Greater student awareness of their limitations and their ability to manage them
  • Free from any obstacle they foster social inclusion by countering alienation

3. Students develop Problem Solving Skills and logical power:- Hey, let’s remember your old startup days. You were naive then without any practical idea and definite plan of business in a fierce market. Days passed and you stumbled upon, failed and climbed up to survive and take your pie of success. How did you do that? Did you have any guidebook or an angel? BIG No. You did it all by alone. Walking on that tough entrepreneurship road, you learned your lesson, honed your skill, applied them and today you are looking for bigger picture. Think your e-learning course does that same. A learner based e-learning website will draw participants to real life puzzles. Their strategy and logical capabilities will be put under the scanner. Practical and useful knowledge consumption will be the ultimate goal of a learner-based roadmap. Asked upon they will get the assistance and motivation in the middle of the course. However, that will be completely different from the traditional guidebook which hardly takes the students beyond classroom and a set of syllabus. 4. Students Retain their Knowledge:- Grabbing knowledge is just the first step. Learners are more interested in retaining learned information. Learner-based e-learning websites ensure that. How does it possible?

  • Learners are active participants here multiplying the scope of course retention.
  • Learner-based program is designed in small bites making it easy to retain the course material.
  • Interactive learner-based e-learning encourages to use and retain their newly learned information.

5. Students receive better Learning Experience:- We all have passed the schools and colleges and most of us are not so impressed by the experience. But, there was one teacher who always ignited our passion for learning. He was different in all aspects pushing us to new horizon with his interesting tactics of teaching. Learner-based e-learning is that one exclusive teacher among hordes of ordinary and streotype online learning school. What’s the differences-

  • It is constructive
  • It encourages the students to take their step and solve problem all by their own
  • It is not one-way and adds multiple perspectives to learning process
  • Learners develop creative and analytical skill for better learning experience

Massive popularity of the virtual classroom has revolutionized the education sector. In it’s evolving phase, the online education sector is on the process to identify effective strategy to survive and lead the market. Learner-based e-learning is a real breakthrough here. Giving the batton of education to students or learners with required assistance, the learner-based e-learning has played a decisive role. What’s your decision? Image Source- Pixaby