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Listed Plugins for the Moodle software platform

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Drag-and-Drop Matching

88 Fans


3.2k sites

Make learning more fun by using a drag-and-drop interface for matching quizzes.

Easy Set-UpGet predefined answer spaces for students to drop answers from a multi-choice list.

Instant Grades – Students will get automatically graded based on their responses.

Quiz Analytics

89 Fans

422 Download

1.4k Sites

This plugin gives an analytical report of the quiz and the questions within it. 

Progress Prediction –¬†Give a fair idea about a user’s performance in a quiz. It also provides predictive analysis based on other users’ performance.

Scores’ and Questions’ Stats¬† Users receive a thorough analysis of the questions present in the quiz.¬†

Stripe Payment for Moodle

64 Fans

484 Download

1.3k Sites

Sell courses on Moodle using the Stripe payment gateway.

SCA Support¬†¬†Stripe uses the best security technology to protect users’ financial and personal information.¬†

Coupon Support Teachers can reach a larger audience by offering discounts on courses using this feature.

39 Fans


166 Sites is one of the most commonly used payment gateways and offers a considerable number of features.

Set Course Price РWith you can assign prices within a specific course section and configure the cost and associated currency of course enrollments. 

Robust Security – It has reliable security and anti-fraud features making it a credible plugin for international transactions.

Inactive User Cleanup

48 Fans


132 Sites

Automate the process of removing the inactive user from your site using Inactive User Cleanup.

Automatic Deletion РInactive users would be automatically deleted if they fail to log in within the pre-set time span. 

Inactive User Notification РAutomatically sends notification mail to inactive users would receive before deleting their accounts. 

My Enrolled Courses

36 Fans


326 Sites

My Enrolled Courses’ solution makes it simple for you to manage all the enrolled courses.

Course Visibility Manager РChange the visibility of courses once you are done with them. 

Easy Access – Accessing the courses from any page of your moodle site makes the navigation much simpler for the users.

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Listed Themes for the Moodle software platform

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Roshni Lite

Maintain by DualCube Team


1108 Sites

Roshni Lite Moodle Theme is an LMS-friendly theme that enhances the user experience. Use this theme to add functionality and aesthetic appeal to your LMS websites. With customizable sections on your front page, you can easily manage your content.


Maintain by DualCube Team


215 Sites

Utilize the Rocket Moodle theme to add more appeal to your online learning environment. It comes with a fixed-width theme with multiple blocks that make online environments more clean and intuitive for learners and educators. Try this professional, highly customizable theme to brighten up your website.

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