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What makes E-learning tick in employee development and training?

After you have successfully hired the right candidate, which was probably after a tedious recruitment process, you tend to be optimistic for this resource to start adding value to your company through their work.

What comes next? If you are merely relying on your employees’ comprehension of the job at hand and the company’s business goals, you are probably shooting arrows in the dark. If not, you are probably dedicating countless business hours, resources and finance in order to carry out employee training and development programs.

Now there is no need to be concerned right away! With comprehensive online corporate training programs or e-learning modules available on the internet, you have plenty of ways in which you can enhance your employees’ performances and at the same time cut costs involved in planning elaborate employee training and development programs.
According to a survey conducted by International Options Market Association back in 2002, organizations were able to save 50-70% of their entire operational cost when they tried E-learning technologies instead of the traditional trainer-based employee development programs. Moreover, E-learning technologies have come a long way since 2002 and are widely accepted as an efficient training process for organizations and working professionals alike. The Towards Maturity Report, 2011 recognized the ultimate arrival of E-learning, which stated that more than 80% employers all over the world had adopted E-learning training modules as the most viable learning technology in 2011.

E-learning technologies that became popular over the decade:

  • Learning Management System- More than 70% of companies all over the world are actively using virtual classrooms, webcasting or video broadcasting to train their staff as we speak
  • Rapid eLearning Tool- About 50% of companies all over the world rely on this tool for training materials
  • Mobile Learning Applications- Companies that encourage their employees to use learning applications on mobile devices constitute 20% of corporate organizations globally

Why E-learning?

Allow us to shed light upon a few facts, which will help you understand how E-learning actually works and what makes it tick in corporate offices all over the world:

1. Customizing training modules

One of the monumental features of E-learning is to provide the organizations and working professionals with customization capabilities. That way the E-learning modules are pre-conformed to suit the business goals of the organization. Imagine the ease with which corporates can now access customized training programs pertaining to the knowledge they need to imbibe in their employees.

2. Beating the challenge of proximity

Internet has a ubiquitous presence in peoples’ lives. Nothing is proximally far anymore. Your employees should be able to choose from numerous training options from all over the world. With live video streaming and video-conferencing capabilities, E-learning allows an expert sitting in the USA to train your employee sitting in India. There are no boundaries in the virtual world. Companies are empowered today to create connections between their employees and E-learning solutions.

3. Handling Tricky Situations

Not every employee of yours will be display the same learning speed. Now in the process of training, it may happen that the learner is unable to connect with the

subject. Under such circumstances, your employee will need more time learn the topic and context.

An expert or training professional might not be equally invested in the learning curve of each employee, in terms of time and effort. With live recording and cloud-storage capabilities of E-learning, the trainer doesn’t leave the office premises he stays in the cloud to be accessed by the learner anytime, anywhere. With demonstrative teaching methodology combined with spontaneous evaluation mechanism, eLearning can help your employees retain 25% to 60% more of what they already do.

4. Engaging and retaining employees

When your employees begin to find their routine job monotonous and unchallenging, it can get tough to retain them for the long haul. Now here is a fact for you to consider, it takes over 150% of executive-level employee’s annual salary to terminate and replace them. And as per the National Research Business Institute, lack of growth opportunities and training can drive about 23% of your resources to leave.

Hiring a replacement for a senior employee proves to be even more expensive. Letting go of an efficient employee is similar to suffering a breakup, isn’t it?
Executing an engaging an employee development program through E-learning could be a major step for you in preventing such scenarios. E Learning makes your employees aware of the advancements in their area of work and prepares them to take on new challenges.

Inspired and thoroughly trained employees can also become more actively involved in their company’s vision, helping boost overall employee engagement in the organization.

5. No loss of productive hours

While traditional methodology of training considerably takes away time away from productive hours of the day, E-Learning helps in blending tight work schedule with the training process. This approach ensures training process to become seamless and financially viable.

Training an employee has as much to do with nurturing the skill-sets of an individual, in turn, the growth of the organization. The process of E-learning methods can emerge as extremely advantageous in this scope.

The training should have to follow the strict requirements of the particular work, but it should allow employees to demonstrate better quality of work. Since the procedure of this training does not elaborate on any new details or skills regarding the specific field of work that the employee delves into, this initiative often has far-reaching impact on most employees.

Now you see it! That is why E-learning has become a buzzworthy phenomenon in corporate offices for planning and implementing employee training programs all over the world.