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Passionate about Digital Marketing, E-learning and Business Systems and Process; learning from the best practices in the ever evolving world of business strategy and applying them in real life.

Nalanda- The much awaited responsive Moodle theme for your University

Remember the struggle of finding the perfect theme for your Moodle site? The hunt for that one theme that would have all the necessary features, a good support system and an amazing UX, has always been a strenuous task. DualCube has launched their Premium theme Nalanda, where we have incorporated all the features that Moodle users were looking for. Besides being attractive and responsive, Nalanda is completely user-friendly and gives you more control over your website. There was a time [...]

Where does E-learning stand in 21st century’s education system?

Let me first ask you, are you fond of watching any YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Prime web series? The rise of these captivating web series must have caught your attention already, isn’t it? Initially, it was assumed that the bluntness of the web medium would kill the aesthetics of the entertainment industry. What rather happened here is that the rise in popularity and believability of the web series format started to fascinate and enlighten the audience to watch more and [...]

Edtech vision for Third World Nations

With more than two billion people accessing the internet as you are reading this, Information and Communication Technology is visibly surpassing the barriers of poverty and economical setbacks. By 2020, the number of users accessing internet worldwide is projected to reach 3 billion. ICT is on the verge of building the strongest ramp for the third-world countries to leapfrog into the ‘information rich’ zone which has long been a territory of the developed nations of the world. Not overlooking the [...]

What makes E-learning tick in employee development and training?

After you have successfully hired the right candidate, which was probably after a tedious recruitment process, you tend to be optimistic for this resource to start adding value to your company through their work. What comes next? If you are merely relying on your employees’ comprehension of the job at hand and the company’s business goals, you are probably shooting arrows in the dark. If not, you are probably dedicating countless business hours, resources and finance in order to carry [...]

Why learner-based approach is best for your e-learning website?

We all fear to take decision. Don't we? We hesitate. We procrastinate. And later in a rush, we take the hasty one. We at The DualCube have witnessed the power of decision when we talk with our e-learning clients. It's one such sector where every decision counts. The learning management software, the method of course, the infrastructure of website- the clients need to think about all. Facing the pressure, they often overlook the basic deciding factor. Without deciding the “Approach [...]

What makes Gamification a must feature in E-learning?

Before the e-learning business becomes a trend, we developed an e-learning website for Bill. With great course material and splendid marketing strategies, Bill was able to draw learners towards his course. That was years' ago. Now, e-learning is a real deal and the market is expected to go past $7 billion in 2018. And Bill is scared that he would not be a part of that large profit bucket. Last night, he gave us a call and regretted how his [...]

Installation Guide For MooWoodle

Brief Introduction Educate the world and sell courses online with our easy to use MooWoodle Plugin. The responsive plugin is an extension of WooCommerce that acts as a bridge connecting Moodle and WordPress. This means, that MooWoodle lets you sell courses created in your moodle account on your WordPress page.     Requirements  PHP is version 5.6 or greater (compatible with the latest PHP 7.3 too) WordPress 5.0 or greater  WooCommerce  MooWoodle  3.0 MooWoodle Enrolment    MooWoodle Setup Guide    The [...]

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Why Do we Need Moodle Admin Tools ?

Every month we hear from a number of LMS users expressing the wish to switch from their existing e-learning platform to Moodle. Well, that’s the power of this system, which currently boasts 995 modules (or plugins) and almost 54,315 active sites that have been registered from 232 countries. Be it a distance learning institute, school, university or a corporate house for training executives, Moodle is greatly accepted and loved by everyone working with or through it. Moodle is an excellent platform [...]

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Moodle WooCommerce Integration – A Superb Combination

The coming of web technology and its sensational development has made it possible to use few refined tools for learning and offering knowledge. One such tool is e-Learning. Over the last decade, E-learning has been successfully implemented in educational institutes and corporate houses. It has proved itself an excellent solution for organizing, strategizing and conducting learning procedures by just creating a virtual learning atmosphere. This is where we need an LMS and the perfect e-Learning platform, Moodle. With this post, [...]

Dropshipping with WooCommerce

Dropshipping is an incredible business model, which, if implemented properly, can circumnavigate the troubles involved in managing a huge inventory. If you are well acquainted with this supply chain managing system, you are sure to be aware of how it wipes out issues like Cost and Risk, which are probably the biggest reasons behind the reluctance of some great business minds to set up an online business store. And for those, who are still new to this and want to [...]

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