Drag-and-Drop Matching

Brief Introduction #

Make learning activities more enjoyable for students by using the super fun drag-and-drop interface. This plugin contains a drag-and-drop feature that assists learners with matching quizzes. Students can drag and drop words from a list into pre-defined gaps. Finally, once the quiz is finished, this solution automatically grades students on their responses. 

Configuration #

Matching questions in Moodle are created by supplying several questions and their correct answers. Add a new question to your existing course. Select the Question Type as Drag and Drop Matching

Workflow #

  • The computer lays out the questions with it’s pre-defined answer space
  • Students can see many options in a list. 
  • The students need to drag the answers from that list and drop it in the given answer space per each question.
  • After submitting the answers, which can then be automatically graded by matching the student’s response. 

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