Stripe Payment Pro

Brief Introduction
Stripe Pro is an advanced payment gateway that allows you to offer subscription payments to students. You can also access premium features such as free trial, sign-up fee, and so on with this solution. To top it off, Stripe is one of the most trusted and secure payment gateways around.

Added features include: #

  • Manage Subscription : Manage multiple subscriptions and recurring bills with ease
  • Multi-Currency Support : Allow learners to make payments in currencies they are comfortable
  • Secure Transaction : Utilize cutting-edge technology to prevent theft and fraud.
  • Quick Payment : Ensure fast payment processing that will save tons of time.

Requirements #

PHP is version 5.6 or greater (compatible with the latest PHP 7.3 too)
Moodle 3.0
Stripe Payment

Installation #

  • Goto My Account Page and under the download tab you will get the plugin :
  • Install the plugin in your moodle site
  • Get API keys from here :

Configuration #

Once you will install the plugin, you need to follow these steps :

  • Before settings up Stripe Pro, you need to configure Stripe Payment plugin. For this follow this doc :
  • User Token : In order to get the token, goto Web services >> Manage tokens >> Create token for moodle_enrollment_stripepaymentpro. Once the token is generated, add this into settings.
  • API Key and Product keys : to obtain API key and product key goto

Enable payment mode #

To enable Stripe as payment mode, go to Enrolments >> Manage to enroll plugins and enable Stripe Payment Pro.

Configuring subscription product #

After enabling Stripe Pro as a payment method for the course, you will get the following fields :

  • Allow Stripe enrolments: Set the value to Yes to enable Stripe payment for that course.
  • Renewal Interval: This sets the renewal time.
  • Renewal Interval Period: This sets how long the renewal will run.
  • Trial Period: Enabling a trial period will let students test a course first before
  • Enrolment Duration: This defines how long a student will be enrolled in the course.

Students Flow #

When a student will purchase a product, they can see all the details in the checkout page :

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