Plugin Installation

This document provides step-by-step instructions on installing and activating the plugin. It will walk you through the process, ensuring a smooth setup and activation of the plugin on your system.

MooWoodle Installation #

The process of installing and activating the MooWoodle Plugin is remarkably straightforward. Below, we outline how to install the MooWoodle plugin:

  • Download the plugin from the WordPress
  • Open your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to the Plugin menu option. From the Plugin menu list, select Add New sub-menu option. 
  • Once the Add New page Loads select the Upload option found on the top, near the Add New heading
  • Copy and paste the MooWoodle file downloaded from the WordPress site
  • Once installed select Activate to get started instantly 

MooWoodle Pro #

In order to install the pro version goto your My Account section. When you will download the file, unzip the folder.

Our MooWoodle Pro Package comprises two plugins:

  • MooWoodle Pro: This plugin is designed to be installed on your WordPress site. The accompanying document will provide detailed instructions on configuring the MooWoodle Pro plugin.
  • MooWoodle Moodle Connect: This plugin functions as a bridge between your Moodle site and WordPress site. The corresponding document will guide you through the configuration process for the MooWoodle Moodle Connect plugin.

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